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CJS Launches New Website

Community for Jewish Seniors started in 2011 as an informal, one-man operation. However, over the last seven years, CJS has transformed from an unstructured idea to a thoughtful organization with a clear vision and mission.

Today, CJS has a robust set of engaging programs, is partnered with 16 different facilities across San Francisco, and has a dedicated staff person to coordinate the various activities and events. We figured it was high time that the website reflected all of this great progress. Here are some highlights from our new site to look out for:

  • Online Booking: You can now reserve a CJS program online - anytime, anywhere! Just pick the program you'd like to book, select a day and time from the calendar, and get automated confirmations and reminders.

  • CJS Blog: In addition to offering great Jewish programming, we want to engage with our audience, be thought leaders in the senior care space, and keep everyone up to date on our developments. You'll find all of this - and more - on our new blog.

  • Clean Aesthetic: We've cleaned up our look to make the website easier to navigate, more user friendly, and just generally...nice.

Have thoughts or comments about the new site? We'd love to hear them!

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