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NEW Inter-gen music program!

We are very excited to be piloting a new CJS program - an intergenerational music class for seniors and kids (2-5 years).

There is a lot of research which explains the mutual benefits of inter-generational programs. However, we have a few reasons of our own for adding such a program into the CJS repertoire:

1. Families missing grandparents: Because SF is now largely comprised of 'transplants,' many young families live far away from grandparents/great-grandparents. By having young children interact with older adults, they can build meaningful relationships with their senior friends and develop positive attitudes towards the elder population.

2. Low barrier music class: Many SF parents would love to bring their kids to a music program, but they are often cost prohibitive or require committing to a package. Our inter-gen program is very affordable ($5/family!) and families can come as often as their schedules allow.

3. Building community: Bringing diverse groups of people together for a joint activity is not only fun, it creates warmth, happiness, and strengthened sense of community.

We have partnered with Cypress at Golden Gate for our pilot. Kirstie Manalo, the Activities Director, said that: "Bridging the gap between generations is very spiritually fulfilling and our residents seek that connection. It brings true joy to our residents and their families."

Click here to learn more about the upcoming program.

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